Table of Contents

Here is a Table of Contents for the entire Civil War Article archive. This project will  be a continuous effort throughout the 150th. Check back for more articles as they are written.

Prominent People
Captain Edward White - Marvin Sowder
Ainsworth Emery Blunt - Joanne Lewis
General Duff Green - Anita Thornton
The Legend of Charles Prater - Judson Manly, Jr.
Joseph John Martin and the Tilton Armory - Marvin Sowder
Joseph Emerson Brown - Dr. John Fowler
John Brown and The Rest of the Story - Robert Jenkins
Varina Howell Davis, First Lady of the Confederacy - Kathryn Sellers
William P. Chester, Confederate Postmaster, Dalton, GA. - Marvin Sowder
The Reverend Clisby Austin Sr. of Tunnel Hill, Georgia - Marvin Sowder
General Joseph E. Johnston: A Tribute Part One - Dr. Elizabeth Hoole McArthur
General Joseph E. Johnston: A Tribute Part Two - Dr. Elizabeth Hoole McArthur
A Brigadier General from North Georgia - Dr. Elizabeth Hoole McArthur
C.B. Wellborn, Mayor of Dalton - Marvin Sowder 
Captain James Morris & The W&A Hotel - Marvin Sowder
Carl Franz August Rauchenburg - Kurt Graham

Prominent Places
Establishment of DaltonMarvin Sowder
Dalton and the Statue of Civil War General Joseph E. Johnston - Robert Jenkins
The Western & Atlantic Railroad - Robert Jenkins

Chetoogeta Mountain Tunnel - Steve Hall
The East Tennessee & Georgia Railroad - Robert Jenkins
Varnell - Marvin Sowder
Prater’s Mill - Judson Manly, Jr
Georgia Cherokees and The Rest of the Story - Robert Jenkins
The Dalton Academy - Marvin Sowder 
Year 1860, Place: Dalton, GA. - Marvin Sowder
1860's Banking in Dalton - Marvin Sowder
Presidential Campaign of 1860: The Democrats - Jim Burran
Presidential Campaign of 1860: The Southern Democrats - Jim Burran
Presidential Campaign of 1860: The Constitutional Unionists - Jim Burran
Presidential Campaign of 1860: The Republicans - Jim Burran
The Election of 1860 - Dr. John Fowler
1861 - January to March
The Secession Crisis - Jim Burran
Georgie Secedes from the Union - Jim Burran and Marvin Sowder
Creation of the Confederate States of America - Jim Burran
Georgians in Confederate Service: Alexander Stephens - Jim Burran
Georgians in Confederate Service: Benjamin Hill and Robert Toombs -  Jim Burran
Georgians in Confederate Service: The Generals - Jim Burran
A list of Georgia Generals in Confederate Service
The Anaconda Plan - John Hutcheson
1861 - April to  June
Fort Sumter - Robert Jenkins
Uncle Dan Carey - Robert Jenkins
The Upper South Secedes - Jim Burran
Turmoil in the Border States - Jim Burran
The Dalton Guards - Marvin Sowder
Roster of Company B , Phillips Legion,The Dalton Guards
First Soldiers in Dalton, 1861 - Marvin Sowder
1861 - July to September
First Manassas, The Battle to End the War - Robert Jenkins
1862 - January to March

     Confederate Hospitals in Dalton - Marvin Sowder

1862 - April to June
Moving the Confederate Capitol: Wisdom or Folly? - John Hutcheson
A Rich Man's War and a Poor Man's Fight - Robert Jenkins
Bragg's Army Comes Through Dalton - Jim Burran
1862 - July to September
      The Emancipation Proclamation - Jim Burran

1864 - January to March

The Construction of Confederate Defenses on Rocky Face Ridge and Mount Rachel - Kevin McAuliff
Cleburne's Proposal to Arm the Slaves - Robert Jenkins
Cleburne's Letter
1865 - April to June
     Desperate Spring - John Hutcheson

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